Complete theoretical and practical course on the formulation and application of basic glazes and the processes to create their own glazes with crystals. The program of the Crystal Glazes provides the formulations of glazes and frits best suited to the crystals, the theory on crystallizations, temperatures, applications and methods of firing, reduction and post-reduction, treatments with acids and the formulation for red backgrounds.

  • 8 lessons- in english- 8 videos with many information, recipes, firings, tips and demos, glazing, mixing etc.
  • 40 minutes each lesson.
  • All information in English.

From basic firings and recipes to galaxy glazes, work with reduction firings etc.

LESSON 1: Presentation- Basic information- Glaze composition – Pedestals, catchers, glue
LESSON 2: Glaze application (demo ) – some Recipes in oxidation firing
LESSON 3: Frits comparison – Recipes mixing frits . Opac glazes and translucent glazes
LESSON 4: The Crystal Shape – Firing Schedules- Halos
LESSON 5: Leaching- Galaxy glaze- Recipes and firing schedules
LESSON 6: Reds in oxidation firing – Post reduction firings
LESSON 7: Crystalline and Reduction in the same firing. Recipes, firing schedules, tips
LESSON 8: Solving problems- TIPS

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145,00 IVA incl.