La Bisbal d’Empordà- Spain
Member of the International Academy of Ceramics
Master Potter – Catalonia

Porcelain, with its fine texture, purity and whiteness, allows me to explore relationships between form and surface in a way that is more rewarding than with any other clay. Wheel-thrown vessel forms offer infinite opportunities for subtle variations, but my particular concern, while attempting to achieve harmony and balance in the work, is to express my feelings for the natural world. Skies, sea and landscapes, together with the multitude of flora are a constant source of wonder, inspiration and delight to me. The sea and the universe, especially, have fascinated me since I was a child. I find the perfection of crystalline glazes with the perfect amount of crystals between the background and the surface. My forms are classic and conservative. I can’t stop researching Crystalline glazes and I Love to experiment this technique in my gas kiln. The shape and the Crystals. The Crystals and the shape…. both are really important for me and I like to work with my wheel for hours and hours throwing and thinking about the final result once fired in my kiln. With the help of my wife I wrote some articles for “Revista Ceramica” and I conducted some workshops such as Dunedin, Tel Aviv, Pontevedra, The school of Ceramics of Manises ( Spain ) or throwing demos in all over Europe ( Aubagne, Gouda, Gmunden, Belgium….). And I hosted the 1st Crystalline Congress in La Bisbal ( Spain) in 2013. That Congress was a nice opportunity to meet great potters from all over the world.