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Porcelain, with its fine texture, purity and whiteness, allows me to explore relationships between form and surface in a way that is more rewarding than with any other clay.

virtual workshops

On-demand virtual workshops

We totally understand that your schedule doesn’t always work out for you to take a workshop at the exact time they are offered. We record our Virtual Workshops so they can be played back later. For those who didn’t attend, you can find the recordings here.
Each recording purchase gives you access to the lesson through Google Drive and you can watch the recording as many times as you like!

Live Virtual Workshops

Have you ever had difficulty getting to a workshop ? Maybe it was far away. Maybe you couldn’t get the time off from work/family. Our virtual workshops are created with the notion that the show must go on! We use the Chat feature so you are able to ask real-time questions and get feedback.
The workshops take place on Zoom from our studio. When you purchase the class, the login information you need to join us will be emailed directly to you.

exhibitions and tours

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In 2024 I will be teaching in many places, here the full list. Please, if you are interested you can contact direct to the schools

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Jose Mariscal


In 2024 I am invited to teach in some special places such as Italy, Bali and Virginia. CONTACT WITH THE STUDIOS directly to apply and

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This Year I will be in : Gouda  (May 2024) Dwingeloo  (May  2024) Sadirac  ( June 2024) Argila Faenza ( Sept. 2024) Les Tupiniers du

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