In 2024 I will be teaching in many places, here the full list.

Please, if you are interested you can contact direct to the schools to get all the information and to apply.

I will start teaching in February in Belgium.You can ask direct to the studios:

2, 3 and 4
6, 7 and 8

9 and 10

12 to 16 @atelierlies

18 to 20 @ceramicsbymagali

22, 23 and 24 @keramiek_studio67
26 to 29 @rt_ceramics

In March I will be teaching in USA

I will be doing some throwing masterclass but if there are enought interest I will conduct a talk about my Crystalline Glazes.

Just ask Tealnest studio.

2, 3 and 4 april  @atelier.gilbert

5 and 6 april  @ atelier.gilbert

from 8 to 12 april I will be in


I am happy to come back to @congekeramiek again in France next year.

I will be there from 14 to 20 april

22 to 24 april I will teach a Crystalline glaze workshop in Belgium with

and 25 and 26 of april I will conduct a Throwing Masterclass.

28 and 29 april


From 1 to 5 mai I will come back to Belgium for another week of workshops



After this I will be teaching for a private workshop with Rita in Element Terre

And I am happy to announce that from 13 to 18 mai I will come back with Eveline in Oostende

ask Eveline for the full information in  or  @depottery


End of Mai I will be back at @atelier_aimee

from 24 mai to 29.

To apply ask direct to Atelier Aimée.

I will finish mai ( and Start Juin) in Netherlands.

I will be teaching near Utrech with @tanjaceramics

In Juin I will be teaching 3 different workshops in Lehmhuus in Switzerland.

You can find the full information in:

Lehmhuus AG
Neuhofweg 50
4147 Aesch

Telefon: 061 691 99 27

In July I will be teaching in La Meridiana a 2 weeks workshop.

All the information here:

There are only a few spots left!!! don’t wait if you are interested!!!

La Toscana is a nice place to visit!!!

After that I will come back to Nora’s studio .

from 22 to 24 july and from 26 to 28 I will be in @studiokeramiek_workshops   ask Nora for the full information.

You can also visit the website for my recorded lessons.  Here the link:


Telefoon : 0474/911477
e-mail :

From 29 july to August 1st I will be in Ardennes with @nadia_art_ceramics

Come and enjoy this beautiful place!!!!

I will start august in Netherlands with Tanja for a 2 days workshop


Tel: (+31) 6 49818358

After that I will come back to Aster studio near Gent.  Ask Aster for the full information in:

Aster en Jasmien

Roosbroekstraat 10
9860 Scheldewindeke

In august I will be in Nismes with Rita teaching 2 workshops.  Ask Rita for the full information:

Espace Elément-Terre asbl

Rue du Calvaire 2

B – 5670 Nismes

+32 (0) 493 527 805

And I will finish the summer season of workshops with Pascale

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In 2024 I will be teaching in many places, here the full list. Please, if you are interested you can contact direct to the schools


In 2024 I am invited to teach in some special places such as Italy, Bali and Virginia. CONTACT WITH THE STUDIOS directly to apply and


This Year I will be in : Gouda  (May 2023) Dwingeloo  (May  2023) Sadirac  ( June 2023) Paris Saint Sulpice   ( June-july 2023) Anduze (