Workshop a La Meridiana

At La Meridiana we have a long tradition of ceramic courses and residences. You may book an independent studio space and lodging for periods of one or more weeks in a safe, comfortable setting

The unique environment, history and culture offer powerful stimuli for those who wish to explore new dimensions. Artists, professional potters and ceramic enthusiasts are equally welcome.

June 12 – 18 2022
Throwing and glaze formulation.

This workshop touches the argument of throwing with very specific techniques and the making and application of crystalline glazes. Participants will learn how to make suitable forms to enhance the magic of crystalline glazes and furthermore learn what to consider in formulating such glazes.

Techniques taught
In the workshop we will address form and surface. Firstly, by dedicating time to making double walled vessels and forms with long necks that will be thrown in two parts. Secondly, studying texture techniques for a variety of finishing on pieces. The last 4 days consist in a practical part with the formulation and application of some basic glazes, to continue with a technical part to understand the process. The magic of crystalline glazes will be unveiled through glaze formulation, frits best suited for cristals, the theory of crystallization, temperatures, application and firing methods. Equally, reduction and post-reduction treatments with acids and the formulation for red backgrounds will be discussed in depth. With tips and tricks out of his vast experience José Mariscal will help participants to avoid typical errors, thus creating the foundation for successful exploriation of the process in the future.

On every classday, a delicious meal will be served. Lodging is included as well. The workshop is suitable for students with at least some throwing experience and will be taught in english. The last kiln opening will be in the morning of Saturday, plan your travels so to not leave La Meridiana before 9.30 am.

For participation, a Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate is required.


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