This year I will be teaching in many places and I have some interesting exhibitions in Europe.

Of course you can find my work always in France, Gallerie Le Don du Fel  

And I will take part in  2022 Porcelain Biennale in Meissen ( Germany ) from 18/07/2022 to  25/09/2022    I will post more information about it soon.

I will take part in a very nice exhibition in Greece too

And, of course, I will be teaching in many nice places.  Looking forward to see all my friends there!!!!


APRIL 2022

(workshop ) FROM 10 TO 16 APRIL   @congekeramiek   Roque de tessel, Villeneuver-sur-Lot    France

(workshop ) FROM 23 TO 26 APRIL   @tanjaceramics   Near Utrech   Netherlands

(workshop ) FROM 28 APRIL TO 1ST MAI  Viroinval, Nismes   La Belgique


MAI 2022

(workshop )FROM 2 TO 4 MAI    Laarne,  Belgium

(workshop ) FROM 6 TO 8 AND FROM 10 TO 12  MAI     2 Workshops in  

(workshop ) FROM 21 TO 24 MAI    and  FROM 28 TO 30  2 Workshops, one Crystalline and one Throwing workshop     @tanjaceramics   Near Utrech,  Netherlands 

( EXPO ) I will be exphibiting  my work in GOUDA AND DWINGELOO Ceramic Markets.

25 and 26 MAI  Gouda Keramiek Dagen   

25 MAI  International Keramiek Markt Dwingeloo


JUIN 2022

(EXPO ) 4, 5 AND 6 JUIN I will expose my work in GIROUSSENS FRANCE

Marche Céramique Contemporaine

(workshop ) FROM 12 TO 18 JUIN I will be teaching in La Meridiana.  Italy.  Throwing, textures and Crystalline

(workshop ) FROM 20 TO 26 JUIN I will be teaching in Switzerland  in LEHMHUUS  Aesch/BASEL

2 workshops  Throwing and Crystalline.

( EXPO ) This year I will be exhibiting in one of the most important Ceramic Markets in Europe.  PARIS SAINT SULPICE.  Looking forward to it!!!   from 30 Juin to 3 july.


JULY 2022

(workshop ) FROM 4 TO 8 JULY I will be teaching in @astercaemaert_ceramics in Oost-Vlaanderen  Belgium

(workshop ) FROM 19 TO 22 JULY you can find me in @nadi_art_ceramics in Belgium . 

(workshop ) FROM 23 TO 2 AUGUST . 3 workshops. I will be teaching Crystalline and Throwing workshops in  @studiokeramiek_workshops in  Duffel  Belgium.  



(workshop ) FROM 3 TO 5 AUGUST I will be in    all the information in    Laarne, Belgium.

(EXPO ) FROM 13 TO 15 AUGUST I will be exhibiting my work in Anduze.  France.

You Think I have holidays now?????

Yes, short Holidays in Greece…..   and something special there too…..   

I will be posting more information about it soon.



(EXPO ) 2, 3 AND 4 SEPTEMBER I will exhibit my work in Argilla italia  FAENZA

(worshop ) FROM 13 TO 15 SEPTEMBER @claymates.ateliers  Gent, Belgium 

(EXPO ) 17 and 18 SEPTEMBER I will exhibit my work in Netherlands.  Keramisto.

(workshop ) FROM 19 TO 22 SEPTEMBER I will be teaching with Aster again. @astercaemaert_ceramics in Oost-Vlaanderen  Belgium

(workshop ) FROM 26 SEPTEMBER  TO 2  you can find me in France Teaching in @laceramiquecordes  Cordes-sur-Ciel   France



(workshop ) 7, 8 AND 9 OCTOBER I will be teaching in FAENZA ART CERAMIC CENTER

(workshop )and you can ask direct to  @tanjaceramics  Utrech  Netherlands for the last workshops of the Year.

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